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    About us

    My hotel Karakol is a magnificent new hotel in Karakol, which is not built on any old construction of the former Soviet recreation area, and is not converted from an ordinary apartment building. My Hotel Karakol is a brand new hotel, built in a new dedicated three-storey building in 2019. The construction of the recreation complex has been verified by professional engineers and has been kept in accordance with all the norms and requirements of the capital building in the mountainous area. The hotel is built on 21st-century technology and offers guests maximum security while visiting the city of Karakol (Yussyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan).

    The hotel is built specifically near the famous Karakol ski resort. It is rich, pristine nature of the Kyrgyz Republic, a beautiful mountain climate, always clean air and a lot of unique holiday offers for travelers. In winter, you can ski and snowboard from the beautiful snowy slopes, on the equipped ski base. And in the warm season, staying in our hotel, you can do rock climbing, trekking, horseback riding or cycling on the expanses of the green mountains of Karakola.

    My hotel Karakol is decorated in the national Kyrgyz style. The interior of the hall, cafe, bar, lounge area and all rooms is presented in a unique ethno-style nomadic people with a centuries-old history. At the same time, our hotel meets all the requirements of modern comfort, and you are provided with quality living conditions: cleanliness, order, a variety of cuisine, a bar, a full-fledged bathroom in the room with all hygiene needs.

    The hotel is under its own protection 24/7, and constant video surveillance is carried out. All guests are provided with free secure parking and quality service throughout our stay. The staff will be happy to advise you and provide any assistance in Russian and English.

    The hotel's location also includes free wi-fi, a comfortable lounge area and a daily free buffet breakfast. Rooms are divided into double, three-seater and family (four-seater).
    There are 22 guest rooms in the hotel. And a double room can be provided and one guest, taking into account the discount. Each room has new high-quality furniture, a king size double bed – the size of 1.8 meters by 2 meters. In a three-bed and four-bed room, respectively, added 1-2 standard single bed. Each room is equipped with a work area (a desk and two chairs), multi-channel multilingual television and a free tea set.

    All the bedding in the hotel is hypoallergenic. Each guest is provided with disposable slippers, as well as always clean robes and a set of towels. Bathrooms are equipped with a hair dryer and a complete hygiene set (shower gel, soap, sealed toothbrushes and toothpaste).

    On the doors in the rooms are installed electronic locks (you will be given – chip key card), and the windows provided "black out" curtains. All the walls of the building are high-density, so you won't be bothered by any extra noise when you want to relax.

    For all the advantages and features of our hotel, we did not inflate the prices. My hotel Karakol is a lovely ethno-style hotel with comfortable rooms and a wide range of affordable service. That's why we are waiting for you to visit and will always be happy to offer any help!