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    The official website of my hotel Karakol

    The official website of my hotel Karakol

    Dear guests, my hotel Karakol has an official website set up and regularly updated at your hotel. We created it especially for you! So that you can always find us on the Internet, clarify the information you are interested in, and use any of the convenient services for booking rooms for the dates you need.

    All the information on our official website myhotelkarakol.com true. We've specifically created separate sections here to make it easy for you to find the right information and get answers to your questions. In addition the contact page includes direct links, as to all the online booking services of our rooms, and all the cards with which you can reach the hotel door through navigators.

    Our official website features a wide gallery, with which you can see all the hotel rooms, familiarize yourself with the exterior and interior. It also describes a set of guaranteed service and highlights the benefits (something that is important to know every visitor). We do not hide the price, it is listed on the relevant pages of the site dedicated to the types of numbers.

    Therefore, dear guests, be sure to visit our website before going to Karakol, and do not forget to check us online from time to time to be the first to learn about the special news and promotions of the hotel! We are always in touch here, as well as on social netwoks: Facebook, Instagram, Whats App and by phone +996 500 900 477.